99% of the time a misbehaving sluggish computer is caused by one thing – a clogged memory and low RAM space.

Unfortunately no matter how elite, pricey or shiny your machine is they all need a helping hand in the maintenance department to keep that like new lightening fast speed – that includes snazzy Apple Macs!


Best Mac Cleaner

Just like washing our hair, plucking a monobrow or taking the dog for a walk, clearing out your Mac from built up old forgotten files, unused apps and abandoned softwares is a chore but one we must do in order to keep our prized investment in tip top condition.

Unless you love potentially spending endless hours trawling through the dark depths of your hard drive attempting to hunt down and up root Gbs of wasted data, we are thankfully spoilt for choice when it comes to effective Mac Cleanup softwares. With in a few clicks you could literally clear out echoing corridors of space resulting in a zippy fast computer once again!

Lets Compare the Best Mac Cleaner Softwares on the Market…

Below I have created a simple Mac Cleaner Review comparison chart. I have listed the Mac cleanup tools important key features, allowing you to compare which one has the best value for your buck and crucially highlight the one that is most suitable for your needs.

Mac Cleaner Review Comparison Chart

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IAppZapperf you fancy getting a bit dirty and doing some manual earasing and love dragging and dropping apps, than AppZapper Mac cleaner is a good choice.

Forgetting about all of your built up unwanted documents, files, pictures, music tracks, movies etc, AppZapper only focuses on…yes you’ve guessed it APPs!

No fancy graphics or useful scouring bonuses (unlike many of the Mac cleaners on this list), this tool is not dissimilar to your trash can, although it is much more effective at deleting softwares and apps without leaving those bothersome trace files behind.

With AppZapper you simply drag and drop the data you want to deleted into program and press zap!

It is a handy way to remove apps but is an extremely basic Mac clean up tool and to be honest, unless you have a mountainous collection of apps stored on your machine, this software is unlikely to clear much memory space.

Price: Despite being able to identify and display all your apps there’s no frills or extra handy features with this Mac cleaning software, but then that is reflected in its nice low fee: $12.95



CocktailCocktail Mac cleanup program is a bit of a jack of all trades as it dips its toes into the waters of Mac maintainence. However it is a step up from our Apple’s inbuilt Terminal feature. It can aid you in decluttering your system and even repair and help optimize parts of your machine so they stay running nice and smooth.

Although it covers a lot of maintainence areas, it does have quite a basic approach and only really skims the surface of a lot of tasks, although sometimes that is all you need.

Unlike a lot of sharp Apple products Cocktail provides a fully functional but somewhat uninspiring simple user interface and many of the updated ‘tweak’s this tool brags about will be lost on most users.

Price: For one computer Cocktail Mac cleaner comes in at a very reasonable $19


MacKeeper Mac Cleaner

Mackeeper Mac CleanerScooping countless Awards from top tech companies for its Mac maintenance skills, Zeobits MacKeeper comes fully equipped with a fast, fierce, effective Mac Cleaner.

Housing 16 professional maintenance apps ranging from AntiVirus, Anti-Theft, Data Control, Optimization to Tech Support. MacKeeper dedicated an entire category to ‘Mac Cleanup’. Inside this specialized section are 6 individual Mac cleaner tools, all poised to breath life into your lagging computer.

Fast Cleanup‘Fast Cleanup’ – In a single click MacKeeper’s infamous ‘Fast Mac Cleanup’ utility ignites four miniature dedicated declogging tools that scour your entire hard drive ratting out pesky log files, wasted language packs, escalating caches and annoying binary files.

As well as these Fast Mac Cleanup features and the relieving ability to permanently deleted all harmful Malware and perform comprehensive disk repairs on auto – intelligence and skills that should be present in all leading Mac cleaners, MacKeeper goes even further…

Duplicate Finder‘Duplicate Finder’ – Duplicate files can rapidly pile up and are notoriously difficult to detect. MacKeeper comes armed with Duplicate Finder. A tool designed solely to hunt down every last devilish clone. Whether they are photographs, music tracks, word documents or anything else, you will be surprised just how many megabytes, even Gbs of space you can free up here.

Disk Usage‘Disk Usage‘ – To ensure you maximize your spring cleansing to get the ulitmate effect but disturb your contents as little as possible, you need a good ‘Disk Usage’ tool. MacKeeper’s will display a clear map of all the data stored on your system. With its friendly traffic light colour coding scheme you can instantly see the weight of each file and pinpoint exactly which ones are the biggest space hoggers and Mac running slow culprits. Having this weapon on bard can save buckets of time on your mission to dramatically speed up your machine.

Wise Uninstaller‘Wise Uninstaller’ – MacKeeper’s undisputed ‘Wise Uninstaller’ feature boldly rivals even independent Mac uninstallers. This tool is one all top Mac cleanup utility strive to have, but its very tricky to master and get it right.  Crucially ‘Wise Uninstaller’ has the acuity to identify which data is ancient, useless and just hogging space and amazingly those that contain very important, often treasured personal data. Understandably this is an essential characteristic to prevent any harsh deleting blunders.

Files Finder‘Files Finder’ – A great added bonus to the brimming Clean up Mac category is MacKeeper’s clever ‘Files Finder’. A far cry from Apple  inbuilt ‘Spot Light’ application, this gizmo doesn’t just poke at your hard drives surface but burrows deep down. You can conveniently whittle down your search criteria and make fetching lost files and programs easypeasy.

Shredder‘Shredder’ – Dragging and dropping files and softwares into the trash doesn’t always result in effective removal and freed up space. Nevertheless this issue is stamped out with the inbuilt ‘shredder.’ Sitting in MacKeeper’s Optimization category is this secret weapon rearing to permanently remove all your unwanted clogging files. Leaving just drafty caverns of space behind, dramatically speeding up your computer whilst enabling you to go on doing what you love most – downloading the latest tracks, games and movies!

Price: MacKeeper’s entire juicey 16 app maintenance bundle – including their specialized clean up Mac category – has a one time price of $39.95 for a lifetime license.

MacKeeper also offers a cool 365 Money Back Guarantee incase you change your mind.

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MacCleanseMacCleanse brands itself as a ‘powerful’ Mac cleaner that can deep cleanse your hard drive by carefully removing and uninstalling unnecessary programs, wipe off universal binaries and trim down language logs. However whilst taking this Mac cleanup utility for a spin it felt like its main focus was not to purify and optimize your computers gut system but to safeguard and erase your online presence.

Matching CleanMyMac and Mackeeper’s ability this tool can speedily deleted your browsers history, website caches, mounting cookies and chat logs. MacCleanse is thorough in this specific area and delivers it through an attractive interface. But while staying ontop of your online debris is a great way to keep your internet browsers zipping thought your searches, it doesn’t fix any internal Mac running slow issues.

Price: MacCleanse is marked with an affordable $19.95 per computer.



CleanAppLike all capable best Mac cleaner softwares CleanApp dedicates its time to hunting down and removing unused language packages, Universal Binaries and old neglected files.
However unlike cleanup programs such as AppZapper and Cocktail this one has the added ability to not only uninstall apps but rat out lurking trace files left behind from a previously deleted program.

Following in MacKeeper’s footsteps CleanApp also comprises of a ‘Disk Utility’. This handy feature maps out exactly which programs and files are harboring the most weight and therefore which ones would release largest amount of extra storage, subsequently boosting your computers lagging speed. However, CleanApp’s slightly dated block graphics are in my opinion more difficult to translate than MacKeeper’s easy traffic light colour coding system.

Although initially CleanApp appears to be a leading clean up Mac contender there are two scowling negatives – despite its initial claim to fully remove all trace files, in my experience it has fallen short of this promise and can accidentally delete vital shared components between programs which can cause annoying problems.

Price: CleanApp Mac cleaner is tagged with a decent price from $14.99 for one Mac.



CleanMyMacLike Zeobits Mackeeper, CleanMyMac is a dedicated and serious declogging software. While many tools focus on a small area of cleaning or just skim the surface of the important elements, CleanMymac is a fully equipped Mac cleaner suite. Housing numerous specialized mini tools this package prizes itself on removing all forms of worthless data that is sitting on oodles of valuable disk space to impressively boost the speed of your computer.

Like many of the options above CleanMyMac can complete all of the typical Mac cleanup tricks -deleting needless language logs and universal binaries, erasing imposing cache lists, and cookies but also has a effective features that can located and remove old junk files. On top of this it provides a meticulous ‘uninstaller.’ Perfect for tracking down and eliminating lurking trace files left behind from previously removed programs and if thats not enough, with CleanMyMac you can control all your plugins and preference pans to make sure they are all optimized and working harmoniously.

CleanMyMac also has a fun quirky trait that may excite you creative lot – a customizable user interface!

There are only handful of cons with this software. While its customer support are levels above some of the other top clean up Mac programs it can be a little slow at times. The other slight negative is although this tool is fantastically through, if you are not careful and paying attention it may accidently remove important files so  you just need to stay on the ball when using.

Price: Despite being at the more expensive scale you do get a lot more nag for our buck as CleanMyMac is a specialist Mac cleaner and comes in at $29.95

Mac Cleaner Software Price Comparison

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